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Single Review: Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness - Cecilia and the Satellite

Single Review: Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness – Cecilia and the Satellite

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“If I could fly, then I would know”, croons Andrew McMahon – an open invitation to listeners as he brings them on a journey that somehow falls into a dichotomy – of the familiar vs the unusual.

Fans of McMahon‘s earlier projects, Jack’s Mannequin and Something Corporate, will immediately resonate with the track’s first few seconds, as the piano keys and his warm, distinct vocals bring listeners…

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Album Review: Celtic Frost - Into the Pandemonium

Album Review: Celtic Frost – Into the Pandemonium


You don’t top To Mega Therion. Celtic Frost had made their masterpiece in terms of monstrous, violent heavy metal, and they didn’t want to try again. Tom G. Warrior and Martin E. Ain weren’t going to let their creativity be stifled by the mere boundaries of metal. They’d been bending these confines slowly but surely, but with their next effort Into the Pandemoniumit was time to leave the…

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EP Review: Kidaudra - Ache

EP Review: Kidaudra – Ache


Audra Kizina AKA Kidaudra is an electronic artist out of New York and Ache is her second EP. This is coming off her debut EP Unknown which was great. Her music had a very ethereal, atmospheric vibe that has definitely been improved upon.

The production on the Ache EP sounds clearer and more detailed. Kidaudra’s vocals also sound better on this EP. On Help Methere’s a tad of reverb as her vocals…

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Film Review: ‘The Rover’

Film Review: ‘The Rover’

posterThe Rover isn’t billed as a zombie movie, but its landscape is littered by the walking dead. Even the ever-present flies can’t tell the difference as they linger nonchalantly on the characters’ faces. That director, David Michôd, is able to keep this sparse story remotely interesting is a credit to his talent. Ultimately, the director’s atmospheric style and the actors’ strong performances aren’t…

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Single Review: Meghan Trainor – All About That Bass

Meghan Trainor has seem to come out of nowhere with her single All About That Bass…

Single Review: Anberlin - Stranger Ways

Single Review: Anberlin – Stranger Ways


Anberlin are an alternative rock band out of Winter Haven. Stranger Ways is the first single off their seventh and final LP Lowborn. The album is already out now and has received critical acclaim. The single is very classic Anberlin. The single has a great melody and chorus that feels hummable but the overall track feels tonally dark in atmosphere. The single really gives an 80’s vibe with the…

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Film Review: Let’s Be Cops

Film Review: Let’s Be Cops

posterPuppies in the rain. A jilted lover waiting by the phone. Alanis Morissette trying to be ironic. Sad things all, but nothing compares to the sadness of a tepid R-rated comedy. With studios eager to please the widest audience possible, an R-rating is like the rarest of gems. It’s like finding an ancient $20 bill in your sofa. Like Indiana Jonesfinding the golden idol. Like a scene that lasts…

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Film Review: A Most Wanted Man

Film Review: A Most Wanted Man

posterPerhaps some stories are just too realistic to translate from page to screen. Though Anton Corbijn’s new espionage thriller, A Most Wanted Man, deftly portrays the minutiae of John le Carré’s source novel, it lacks the cinematic punch to keep it interesting. It has some exceptional components, including a strong performance from Philip Seymour Hoffmanand a compulsively watchable opening half, but…

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Album Review: Celtic Frost - To Mega Therion

Album Review: Celtic Frost – To Mega Therion


If Morbid Tales was Celtic Frost cementing their place in the post-Hellhammer world as a legitimate outfit with a deathly splattering of depraved thrashing extremity, To Mega Therionwas the moment they really threw down the gauntlet to every other band who had the audacity to call themselves “heavy”. Go to your collection of 1980s thrash classics, and pick out all the ones that start with a…

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Film Review: Chef

poster modIt’s always refreshing to see filmmakers committing themselves s0 deeply to personal projects. Jon Favreau writes, directs, and stars in Chef, and he most certainly cooks. Not only does Favreau make you hungry, he also crafts a touching story about re-connecting with the people we sometimes neglect. It’s like a leisurely dinner with friends on a hot summer day; laid-back with plenty of laughs and…

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