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News: Chance The Rapper Releases New Track Through Twitter’s Audio Card

Chance The Rapper has posted his new track No Better Blues, taking advantage of Twitter…

News: Noel Gallagher Releases Details Of New Album

The tracklist has been revealed for the deluxe edition of Noel Gallagher’s new album Chasing Yesterday…

News: Snoop Dogg To Release New Rap Album

Snoop Dog is to release a new rap record via Pharrell Williams’ I Am Other…

News: Stream Papa Roach’s New Single Feat Royce Da 5’9

Papa Roach are now streaming Warriors, the lead single from their upcoming eighth studio album, F.E.A.R. (Face Everything And Rise).

Please allow us to introduce Jacky from Connecticut, USA. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and check out more of our girls here.

Age: 20.

From: Connecticut, USA.

Do you have any tattoos/piercings: “13 ear piercings, nose ring, tongue web, both nipples, and top and bottom belly button. There are 8 tattoos. A tribute to my first trip to Ghana, my zodiac symbol (I’m an Aries), anchor, dopamine and serotonin, a lion head, lyrics to a song, “To live would be an awfully big adventure” on my wrist, and “La belle jeune fille sans merci” on my shoulders.”

What makes you, you: “My passions. I’m one of those go big or go home people. If I’m into it, it goes from 0 to 100 real quick. And that’s for every emotion; anger, happiness, depression, love, annoyance. If I feel it towards you, you know, because I come at you full force. I’m probably pretty suffocating now that I think about it.”

What’s your idea of a perfect night out: “Great food at a casual place followed by a movie or show, then a raging club with a really lively dance floor. Then a stop at a diner, eventually leading to watching the sunrise.”

What was the last book you read: “Viva Jaquelina, It’s the 11th instalment to my favourite book series which I’ve been rereading all year.”

What are you passionate about: “I’m passionate about Africa and the diaspora (that’s what I’m studying right now). We all came from there, it literally has the beginning of human history, and yet in general it is completely ignored, or viewed as this dirty, sick, helpless continent. AN ENTIRE CONTINENT, which is often talked about as if it were only one country, is one of the most diverse areas in the world. It’s home to a 3rd of the world’s languages and the people and cultures there are considered more diverse then Europeans and Asians, but of course almost no one knows that.”

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Sound And Motion’s Featured Lady #26- Jacky, Connecticut Please allow us to introduce Jacky from Connecticut, USA. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and check out more of our girls…

News: Blink 182 To Release New Album In Summer 2015

The new Blink-182 album is coming. Everyone’s favourite pop-punk trio are, in the next few weeks, to begin the “

Playlist: The S+M Radar- Week One

Here at Sound And Motion we’re always look for ways to support unsigned and underground bands and artists, for every legend has to begin somewhere.

News: Angels & Airwaves Reveal Artwork For New Album

News: Angels & Airwaves Reveal Artwork For New Album


Angels & Airwaves announced earlier this month that they would be releasing a brand new album, entitled The Dream Walker. The band have now revealed the artwork for that record.

In true AVA style the album will be accompanied by a variety of other stuff, including an animated short film, comic book series, novels and a live-action feature film.

It’s said that some of that will be released in…

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News: Fall Out Boy Release Video For Centuries

Last month Fall Out Boy released a new, standalone single, Centuries. Now, they’ve released a music video for the track.

News: Are Mumford And Sons Recording A New Album?

Once again attempting to force the ideal that its cool to wear tweed, it’s been revealed that…